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This section includes information about the support you get from family and friends that is not funded but will help you work towards your goals. This section includes information about services and supports funded and delivered by community or other government services like support groups, health centres, libraries and public transport.

This section includes the current goals you would like to achieve as part of your plan and the long-term goals you have identified for your life. This section tells you what funding you have been allocated in each support category and what this funding is for. You receive a monthly email alert when your online energy statement is ready to view.

For questions about your energy statement, call our Customer Service Center at Understanding your energy statement.

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Interested in translated energy bills? Learn More.

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Learn about the information your bill contains In addition to your monthly energy charges, your energy statement includes important account information, such as: Your account number, statement date and due date. An account summary of details on payments and charges.

Understanding Your Potential - Discovering the Hidden You Quotes by Myles Munroe

A monthly billing history graph that charts your energy usage. You will also gain valuable insights. But don't ask for feedback if you're not prepared to make changes.

When you do make improvements, tell your customers what you have done as a result of their feedback. Well-compiled customer surveys can tell you things you may not know, including human factors such as staff behaviour.

Not everyone complains when they are dissatisfied. Instead, they tell their friends about their bad experience and take their business elsewhere.


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Unless you proactively consult your customers, you may never discover if you are going wrong. As well as asking for feedback, set up a customer contact programme to ensure you keep in touch with your clients. A good customer contact strategy will allow you to listen to your customers and tell them more about what you offer.

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To find out more, see our FAQs. Put yourself in your customers' shoes Understanding your customers requires you to put yourself in their shoes take a hard look at the points at which your customers have contact with your business.

Understanding your energy statement

Winning back customers: making up is hard to do. Customer service lessons for retailers. Turn your customers into your best sales people.

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