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In particular found Caleb's father a great addition. The relationship between him and his son helped carry much of the middle part of the book. The other supporting character I liked was Mal. I was a lot more interested in learning about her than Caleb. Overall I found this book a bit on the slow side until the final part. It wasn't nearly as good as the first book in the series. I hear good things about Full Fathom Five , and I already own it, so I'm sure I'll end up reading it up before too long. Apr 09, Izzy rated it it was ok Shelves: urban-fantasy-and-steampunk , boring , read-in , 2-stars.

Aug 31, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy , fantasy , mythology-religion , series , audiobook. The god wars affected Max Gladstone's incredibly rich world in many ways. In the first book in The Craft Sequence, Three Parts Dead , we learned about the death of a warrior goddess and what the hollow form that remained after her resurrection meant to those who loved and worshiped her in Alt Coloumb.

Two Serpents Rise takes us over to the desert city of Dresediel Lex, where the storm god was defeated, and water is now supplied by Red King Consolidated. Caleb Altemoc works for RKC. His first task The god wars affected Max Gladstone's incredibly rich world in many ways. His first task in the book is to investigate the poisoning of that water supply. And by poisoning, I mean someone infested it with sharp, pointy demons. Aside from that inconvenience, he has to deal with the fact that the number one suspect is his own father, a former high priest of the deposed gods, now a terrorist.

And Mal, an enigmatic and beautiful cliff runner who is almost impossible for Caleb to catch. Oh and the giant hungry serpent gods who are threatening to wake up. You don't necessarily have to read 3PD, but it does help establish the world and the way gods and worship work, which is what I fell in love with about this series. Gladstone's gods serve an actual purpose, as in, a storm god keeps the reservoirs filled, while a god of fire heats a city and a goddess of war defends it.

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Their power is not limitless, though. They require worship and faith, and in the case of the old gods of DL, they required sacrifice. RKC brought an end to this, but if you're going to depose a god that waters the desert, then you better know how to bring the rain. I never thought I'd love books where lawyers and big corporations are the sort of good guys. I love the way Gladstone works in the intricate details of business plans, mergers and contracts literally signed in blood, combining it all with his unique form of magic, the Craft.

The use of Craft takes an interesting twist through Caleb, who is no Craftsman, but thanks to his dear old dad, is not without ways to defend himself. I love the world of the Craft Sequence. It is so thrilling and unique that I simply refuse to try to categorize it into the many fantasy sub-genres others try to poke it into.

I love that, thus far, the stories are separate enough from each other than I can hope for many more adventures from different aspects of this world, including points of view from the gods themselves. On the downside, I listened to this as a very disappointing audiobook. The narrator was not particularly good with pacing and inflection at the right times. He often sounded like he was whining when the character just wanted to make a point. And worst of all, many of the characters, particularly the females with whom Caleb often had lengthy conversations, sounded much like Caleb, making things very confusing.

For this reason, the characters weren't as compelling as they could have been. See more reviews at The BiblioSanctum Nov 17, Tabitha rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , for-review-received-from-publisher , tor , arc. Two Serpents Rise takes place in a world where a host of gods really does exist and magic is real. So I ask you: what would you do?

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Why conquer, kill and enslave those gods of course! Ok well somebody would, especially if your loved ones had been sacrifices… To read my interview with author, Max Gladstone stop by Not Yet Read In a massive modern city Dresediel Lex runs on craftpower instead of divine power and a company called RKC Red King Consolidated provides the much needed water to everyone. Before the god wars this desert city by the sea got their water from the gods via human sacrifice.

With the gods gone that needed a new source of water. A craftsman, turned Deathless King who defeated the gods stepped up and took over many of the duties of the old gods. His company thereby providing for the city. You could actually read Two Serpents Rise without having read the first book Three Parts Dead because both books follow a completely different cast of characters.

In the city Alt Coulumb, simple worship seemed enough. We start off right away meeting Caleb who works for RKC in risk management. Caleb encounters a thrill seeking cliff runner named Mal at the site and gives chase. There is admittedly quite a bit of chasing that happens between these two throughout the book. Zowwy, zing I say! But Two Serpents Rise spans months and its nice to see how the author handles the building of a relationship.

I loved seeing the interaction between these two. You could feel the sparks and yet in no way did it dominate the story. What I loved about Caleb was how stubborn he was. He is the son of the last Priest of the old gods. Having been raised by a religious zealot definitely had an effect on him.

He is VERY against religion and has every reason to be. The characters in this story as well as the city itself are given such great attention that at times I felt like I really knew Caleb. One of my favorite aspects was the way the city itself was described. I found myself wishing I could plug a projector into my brain so the wondrous pictures could be painted for me to really see them because no way could my imagination have done it justice.

It was just that amazing. Skyspires instead of skyscrapers, airbuses instead of a regular bus, people ferried around by flying creatures either sitting on them or with the creatures attached to their backs …there simply was no end to how amazing Gladstone made this world sound. Someone take my soul now I want a gosh dang ticket to this place. In so many ways he makes this world so much like our own that you immediately feel comfortable in it, and yet are still continuously awed by the differences.

I believe the main element to this story though, is the mystery. There is a big whodunit here that you get to experience right along with Caleb.

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And for me it was the best part. One thing is for sure Max Gladstone is now one of my favorites. Aug 22, Nathan rated it really liked it Shelves: read , author-male , gods-are-real , ratedstar. Fantasy Review Barn There has been a twitter hashtag game going strong for the last few days where people have been describing movies badly.

Because on the surface this has the ability to be the most boring book of Fantasy Review Barn There has been a twitter hashtag game going strong for the last few days where people have been describing movies badly. Because on the surface this has the ability to be the most boring book of all time. After the acquisition is complete the company starts to learn, too late, the consequences of the many leftover entanglements their new branch has. After the acquisition is complete the company starts to learn, too late, the consequences of the many leftover entanglements their new branch has i.

That feels a bit more like it. My love of this series is growing by the book. A world where gods are real is always a plus, and their contractual way of using and trading power is completely unique. These gods are powerful yet so vulnerable as man has in many ways caught up to them.

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We first saw their power at work in Three Parts Dead as a god of fire puts his force behind running a city; in Three Serpents Rise we see the other side of things as the gods in question are harnessed against their will. The Craft is shown again; a mixture of heavy contract law and necromancy that only makes sense if the books are read. But with everyone in this outing actually working toward a purpose that I could possibly get behind I found myself missing a nice evil villain. Maybe I was just spoiled buy the amazingly creepy lawyer from Three Parts Dead. Fortunately the other characters of the story held up strong.

The main duo had actual chemistry and I felt for them when the world acted to keep them apart. But the background cast threatened to steal the show in this one. A living skelton, the last priest of the gods who fell, even coworkers and friends lived their own lives within the larger story. A strong second outing that has me pining for the next book already. My feelings about this one haven't changed much since my last read. With that in mind, it's a Can't wait to continue on with Full Fathom Five! I love the Craft Sequence, but this particular book frustrates me.

The world is as interesting as ever, and there are some potentially great concepts underlying the story, but ultimately I get stuck on Caleb and his storyline with Mal.