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Add custom icon for skia-rs as example program. It is appropriate that the icon for a graphics library would be produced by a program built with it. Makefile: remove packages before packaging.

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Prebuilt binaries generated on Azure and downloaded from the skia-binding's build. Update: Getting consistent heap corruptions when layouting a simple paragraph with M77, but not in M78, so development is continues here. Add TODOs for everything that can not be updated right now, and attempt to stay compatible with previous versions of skia-safe without trying too hard before version 1.

Use deprecated attributes if needed. Create a Logo for the Organization and the Library. A simple one would be to take the "rusty" Rust logo , remove the R from inside the gear and put the Skia Logo inside. The Rust logo is licensed under Creative Commons and can be modified, but the licensing conditions of the Skia Logo seems unclear.

Build a Xamarin.Android project.

Thanks to AlbertoGP who designed an icon and rendered it with skia-safe and a demo animation , this issue can be closed now. AlbertoGP This looks ready now. I would like to merge it and change the link to the animation later if needed. Write contribution guidelines. I am fine with!

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Updates the requirements on bindgen to permit the latest version. Sourced from bindgen's changelog.

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Syn and related dependencies have been updated. Switches added to allow less dependencies. In particular: It won't pull failure and related dependencies by default, and there's a default-on which-rustfmt feature which allows to get rid of which altogether. Improve workaround for LLVM stack overflow when evaluating value-dependent expressions. Bindgen will properly detect the layout of incomplete arrays. Bindgen will properly detect the layout of empty unions and forward declarations of unions.

Balaji is highly knowledgeable and has more than 25 years of software design and development experience in various technology industries including medical device and biotechnology.


He and his staff at Pragmatrix are delightful to work with and bring years of experience and knowledge of software design and development. From Inception to Implementation and Support; we do it all. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consec tetuer adip iscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean mas- sa.

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