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To lose her son — especially by her own casual doing — and then to be teased with undoing that action only to have that shimmer of hope denied? Truly horrifying and masterfully constructed by the author. Even The Simpsons riffed on the tale , with humorous results.

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At all. That to desire more than you have is one thing, but to cheat, to skip steps and cut corners to get there, will rarely — if ever — end well for you.

By Chris Alexander. Wish Upon is the latest riff on W. Show Comments. From the very start, we know that the wishes will lead to trouble.

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We read on with the appealing sense of dread, while a part of us wonders what we would wish for, trying to contrive wishes that could not possibly turn against us. Why three wishes? In fairy tales, and in rhetoric, all things tend to come in threes. We have Cicero to thank for the way we construct arguments. He codified the idea that a good debate argument or essay should begin with an introduction, go on to make three arguments in support of the thesis, and conclude by reiterating the introduction and concluding.

Classics of Horror and Suspense from the Modern Library

Jokes almost always feature a punch-line on the third repetition of a situation the first time he did this, the second time he did this, but the third time… Two feels too few, four too many. I wonder if humans are wired that way, with three being this magic number, or whether, from the time of Cicero forward, we have grown accustomed to three as a magic number? Either way, it is always three wishes, and it is always the third that wreaks havoc. In this case, it is the second wish that the Whites will come to regret, and the third will save them. For the Whites, wish number one comes out fairly well.

It does but, as we might have expected, not in the way the Whites hoped for. Whoever or whatever is the God of Wish-Granting is an evil, vengeful type of Old Testament Yahweh, granting something but with a devilish angle that makes the wisher regret the request. For the Whites learn that their son, Herbert, has been killed, falling into the machinery at a factory, and in compensation they receive from the company for damages a check for.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Spoiler alert Just heard this story as a podcast. Beautifully written but why the hell didn't the father wish his son perfectly healed instead of gone?

What was the monkey claw cursed with?

See all 3 questions about The Monkey's Paw…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of The Monkey's Paw. Aug 07, Peter rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror. Classic horror tale. A family and their son Herbert are visited by an old soldier named Morris. He tells them from his time in India and shows them a mysterious talisman, the monkey's paw. According to him the owner of the paw has three wishes.

Since he already had three he throw the object into the fire. Herbert's father is getting the talisman out of the fire and from here the horror starts. If you want to know how the family got the wished for pounds you should take a peek now. The story Classic horror tale. The story is set up in three chapters and is very creepy. Stephen King certainly had this story in mind when writing Pet Cemetery Can you guess what the father's final wish was?

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  5. A classic and absolutely recommended. View all 5 comments.

    Peter Thank you very much, JV. It's a great parable on granted wishes Peter Thank you very much, Nicola. An alltime classic. All the best Peter Aug 10, AM. Nov 08, Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: ebook , classics , read , horror , dark , favorites. A dark stormy night with a night visitor sets the stage for the telling of this short creepy tale of woe, and The first wish causes shock and unrelenting despair. The third wish, well, read it to find out what happens. The A dark stormy night with a night visitor sets the stage for the telling of this short creepy tale of woe, and View all 12 comments.

    Oct 24, Cecily rated it liked it Recommended to Cecily by: Apatt. Shelves: horror , short-stories-and-novellas , fantasy-faeries-magic. Father and son were at chess Despite the weather, and the remoteness of the house, an old friend visits. He regales them with tales of India. And tempted. The great weakness in narrative terms is that the moral of the story is made plain before anything much has happened: " It had a spell put on it by an old fakir He wanted to show that fate ruled people's lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow.

    The final scene is more compelling. It is also free on Gutenberg. Joke A man finds an ancient oil lamp and out comes an all powerful genie. Genie: "You have 3 wishes. Whatever I wish for will come back and bite me in some way. I'm so sure it won't I'll give you infinite wishes if it does!

    Classics of Horror and Suspense from the Modern Library

    I wish for a boomerang with teeth. View all 22 comments.

    The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs

    But then I stop being so dense and remember how much the classic chillers have much to offer in the way of story-telling awesomeness. The tale is only about 10 pages long so the plot is fairly straight-forward. A friend of the family, Sergeant-Major Morris, pays a visit to the Whites upon his return from serving in India as a member of the British Army.

    How one short story grants our wishes and refuses to die

    DUDE, what exactly were you thinking? Sorry, but that needed to be said. View all 11 comments. Oct 24, Ahmed Ejaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-stories , Monkey's Paw is one of the most amazing short stories I have ever read. The writing is so terrifyingly enjoyable. The atmosphere is one of the darkest ones I have ever read! I loved the atmosphere, loved the plot, loved the writing and loved everything.

    This Monkey's Paw can fulfil three "Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it. This Monkey's Paw can fulfil three wishes of yours. But for a very heavy price that you will regret your wish This story shows that if you interfere the working of Fate, you will regret it. The ending is little vague. Not that confusingly vague. But vague in a good manner. I liked this thing particularly in the story. I will highly recommend this to everyone.