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After massacre in library on surface, Artyom failed in his quest for book, but before his companion gave him the reward - some paper in envelope. When he escaped to nearby station he failed but received reward - how pity , he encountered Melnik and they opened the envelope together. Inside was piece of paper with some scheme and notes.

Melnik after short reading realised, that they just received map and instructions for probably last existing missile launching facility. After complicated way Melnik had later to rescue Artyom from canibals' cult and they dealed with other threats , they eventually separated - Melnik will go with some other soldiers to missile facility, when Artyom and Ulman another soldier will go to Ostankino Tower , to send Melnik a coordinates for launch. Ulman allowed, and Artyom went back to place, where everything started.

When Artyom finally arrived, he saw current state of VDNKh - many tents torn apart, splashes of blood around, smell of gunpowder everywhere.

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After reunion with Artyom's stepfather is revealed fate of VDNKh - when Artyom was out, number of attacks doubled and it now possess significant danger for rest of metro. Other stations came with solution - next day they will blast tunnel leading to VDNKh put explosives to tunnel leading to the Botanic Garden is impossible, due to water which can flood VDNKh after explosion.

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After collapse of tunnel will be VDNKh and other stations on this branch leaved to start on their own, to be exterminated by Dark Ones. Destruction of Dark Ones.

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Metro Exodus - The Dark One Easter Egg

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Dark Ones (Metro 2033)

Help improve this article by updating and expanding the infobox. Even when vulnerable, attempting to drain him may prove too slow unless you're willing to accept the risk and try to drag him under level The Dark One boasts a powerful repertoire of spells, so Sleep rays will also work well on him. Applying it every few turns will keep him helpless, saving players the bother of chasing him, and also stops him from casting his nasty spells.

The encyclopedia entry seems to imply that the Dark One is in fact Sauron, the chief antagonist of Lord of the Rings. But he ruled rather by force and fear, if they might avail; and those who perceived his shadow spreading over the world called him the Dark Lord and named him the Enemy; and he gathered again under his government all the evil things of the days of Morgoth that remained on earth or beneath it, and the Orcs were at his command and multiplied like flies.

Thus the Black Years began From NetHackWiki.

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  • The Dark Ones!

Dark One Difficulty 20 Attacks Weapon 1d6, Weapon 1d6, claw 1d4 quest-artifact-stealing , spell-casting. Reference monst. Tolkien ]. Categories : Quest nemeses Encyclopedia Nethack articles.