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But her case is full of holes.

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How did the killer strike in the middle of the day without a single witness to the crime? Who knew that the humble blacksmith was actually an heir to a family fortune? The heat is on as Suzanne tries to solve the case and save her business. Can she have her cake-donut and eat it too? Killer Knots. Nancy J. Fixing to Die.

Elaine Viets. Died Blonde. Perish by Pedicure. Highlights to Heaven. A Function of Murder. Camille Minichino. Wendy Lyn Watson. A Dog Gone Murder. Sugar and Iced. Jenn McKinlay. All Sales Fatal. Laura DiSilverio. Dark Chocolate Demise. Vanilla Beaned. Thin Crust Killers. Chris Cavender. Malled to Death. Killer Crust. Fit to Die. Ellery Adams. Cookies and Scream. Virginia Lowell. The Battered Body.

One Dead Cookie. Pumped for Murder. Death on a Platter. To Kill a Matzo Ball:.

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The Missing Dough. Muffin But Murder.

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Victoria Hamilton. From Herring to Eternity. Board Stiff. Fry Me a Liver. A Second Helping of Murder. Christine Wenger. Death on Eat Street.

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On Borrowed Time. Inherit the Word. Daryl Wood Gerber. Final Sentence. Permed to Death. Death of an English Muffin. Marked Down for Murder. Josie Belle. Rest in Pizza. Dead Wrong. Killing Cupid. Laura Levine. Death of a Bacon Heiress. Lee Hollis. Chili con Corpses. Half-Price Homicide.

Illegally Iced : A Donut Shop Mystery

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Death. Measured Mayhem.

Jessica Beck. Pumpkin Pleas. Raspberry Revenge. Fugitive Filling. Devil's Food Defense. A Chili Death. Mixed Malice. Perjury Proof. Criminal Crumbs. Bad Bites. Custard Crime. Dangerous Dough. Lemon Larceny. The Donut Shop Collection, Books Descarga inmediata En la app Kobo by Orbile. Editorial Minotaur Books. Formato ePub. Computadora de escritorio. Recipes included! Welcome to Donut Hearts, where the coffee is hot, the donuts are fresh, and the toppings are criminally good. Glazed Murder When Suzanne finds a dead body on her doorstep, her cozy little shop becomes Glazed Murder When Suzanne finds a dead body on her doorstep, her cozy little shop becomes a crime scene.

Everyone in town is dropping by for some glazed donuts and gruesome details, and Suzanne—who finds snooping as irresistible as donuts—is poking holes in everyone's alibis. Fatally Frosted A local busybody dies after eating one of Suzanne's famous treats. With a forensic team sifting through her kitchen, Suzanne hopes to clear her good name before another bad donut is fatally frosted. Sinister Sprinkles Suzanne's ex-husband, Max, is the prime suspect when his current girlfriend gets iced.

If she can't sprinkle evidence on her half-baked theories of whodunit, Max is as good as fried. Tragic Toppings When one of Suzanne's customers disappears, the police start asking questions. But that's just the beginning of the tragic happenings. Who knew donut-making could turn out to be such dangerous business.

Killer Crullers Soon after a stranger tosses a whole box of crullers at Suzanne's friend Gabby's storefront, claiming that stolen family valuables ended up in her thrift store, he turns up dead right in front of the donut shop. Can Suzanne prove that this is all a cruel, albeit sugar-coated, twist of fate?

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Drop Dead Chocolate Suzanne's mother is running for office and is dead-set on replacing the current mayor.