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These costs are determined by complex formulas that use various criteria such as the actual cost of producing a medication, the cost of dispensing a medication, the location of the pharmacy dispensing a medication and many other factors. Of course, there are many other issues at play. The reimbursement is easy to understand for brands; however, for generics, the payer is likely to move it from a formula to a fixed amount, called the MAC Maximum Allowable Cost.

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The payer can adjust the MAC for a generic class, as prices usually decrease due to competition. But the unique issue happening now is generic price inflation. Payers are typically slow in readjusting the reimbursement levels when prices increase. The medical industry is extremely competitive, and the competition between pharmacies is no less fierce. This has prompted many pharmacies to offer a variety of value-added services such as vaccinations, MTM, med sync, health screenings, and delivery.

The pharmacies that thrive in this era of declining pharmacy reimbursement must make the extra effort to attract patients. If your pharmacy is in a similar situation, the best options may be low-cost advertising, such as web-based ads, and print advertising in local newspapers. For local pharmacies, attending public events at community or extended-care facilities, schools and churches is a great way to set themselves apart from the large chains. The advantage of small pharmacies is their ability to provide personalized services and high levels of interaction between pharmacists and patients.

Providing personalized services also improves customer loyalty and trust. In addition, local services are more convenient for customers. Maintaining an online presence is becoming more important for small pharmacies. Online services such as automated prescription reminders and refill requests are extremely popular.

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Finally, a local pharmacy is better positioned to educate customers and caretakers on prescription medicines. In an era of declining pharmacy reimbursement, pharmacies of all sizes must go the extra mile to succeed. Here are three strategies to remain profitable as reimbursement rates continue to shrink:. People with specialized knowledge will always be in demand. Never asked if I was a senior so I could get a discount. They also do not have anything posted anywhere to say that seniors get a discount.

You have to ask for it most of the time. Reply I agree with you. Reply Love this info! Being on a Small fixed income is hard to do. I think more places should help out too. Thank You!!

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These these folks are all federal retirees that are seniors and most also Veterans. Thank you in advance.

Reply This is not how Seniors should be treated. We put in a lot of hard work in our time. Veterans should receive nothing but the best. Some were drafted and others volunteered to keep us all safe.

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  7. Thanks guys and gals!! Is there a special lunch program delivery. For Victorville, Ca. Please advise me of what I can get in discounts on groceries as none listed in this list. Reply I have trouble reading your list… If you would please list each store to the Left and day and amount of discount to the right That would help me very much…. Thanx Reply on the right side of your computer It is under the red X press the bottom and you can change the size of your reading!!! Reply Looking for discounts on the following: 1. Cell service with unlimited data thru Verizon 2.

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    Dentist who gives senior discount. If you can help please PM me or email me. They WILL give you a discount…not the discount given to new customers…but a discount!

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    Reply Every time spectrum tries to raise my rate I ask for any local discount prices they can give me. I also tell them I can go somewhere else. Same with trash pike up we live in the country so we can have anyone pick up our trash and I remind them of that to get the best deal. Reply Ask spectrum for the retainment department. Tell them you are over 62 and qualified for their senior plan.

    I did. I will use one for 6 months — no autopay as there are no discounts no paperless gets you a discount either Ask cable companies no sports networks depending on plan and vendor they can give you skinny bundle without ESPN Reply Great list of participating stores Thank you. Reply Please correct your list. I was at bealls outlet today Tuesday and there were no senior discounts. I go almost every week. Reply I think Bealls outlet discount is on Mondays here in Fla. Reply Need a list of all senior discounts Thanks Reply Hi Roberta, click this link for our big list of senior discounts.

    It does that through its relationships with the top pharmacy chains and pharmacy benefits managers. GoodRx isn't the typical highly funded Silicon Valley start-up.

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    But in the fall of , private equity firms Francisco and Spectrum made a growth investment in the company for undisclosed terms. The company is attracting a lot of attention from buyers due to its impressive growth in recent years. They started the company with a mission to help people find the best deal on their medicines, knowing that prices can vary widely depending on the pharmacy.

    Industry experts say that GoodRx is a quiet success that demonstrates how a real business can be built that is targeted to low income Americans, and not just the rich. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. Privacy Policy.