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She cycles part of the way at 12 mph and runs the rest at 5 mph. How far did she run?

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A puzzle with a triangle and 57 From sharon: Question from sharon, a parent:. Using each of the following numbers once, fill all the spaces in the triangles so that each side of the triangle adds up to I was just wondering if you can give me the answers plus the working out so I could explain to my daughter,. The leftmost digit of a six-digit number N is 1. If this digit is removed and then written as a rightmost digit, the number thus obtained is three times N.

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Find N. Four friends are racing together down a flight of stairs. A goes 2 steps at a time, B 3 steps at a time.

C 4 steps at a time and D 5 steps at a time. The only steps which all four tread on are the top one and the bottom one. How many stairs in the flight were stepped on exactly once? A hiker finds herself in a forest 2 km from a long straight road. She wants to walk to her cabin 10 km away and also 2 km from the road. She decides to walk thru the forest to the road, along the road, and again thru the forest to her cabin. What angle theta would minimize the total time required for her to reach her cabin?

I'll do my best to copy the diagram here:. Find an algebraic expression for the length and width. A square is enclosed in a circle. Write a polynomial in factored form to represent the difference of the two areas.

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How much did I spend on the first trip? Answered by Stephen La Rocque. A triangle problem From A student: A triangle is such that its medium side is twice as long as its shortest side, and its longest side is three times as long as its shortest side. The perimeter of the triangle is 54 yards. What are the lengths of the three sides?

Some word problems From Oliver: Question: I am a father of a 10 years old boy and sending this question from Bangkok, Thailand.

I need solutions for the following:. If Harold spent 3 times as much as Peter, how much did Joseph spent? What is the largest real number less than 10? Given that not a and b implies c. What does not c imply? Every other person on a school's parent advisory committee is surveyed to determine how many people support passage of a school bond to build a new elementary school. Is this a good sample? Why or why not?

What is the difference in elevation between the highest point in California,Mount Whitney,which towers meters above sea level, the lowest point in California,Death Valley, which lies 86 meters below sea level? Increasing area of a field: Julia's soybean field is 3m longer than it is wide. To increase her production, she plans to increase her to increase both the length and width by 2m. If the new field is 46m2 2nd power larger than the old field, then what are the dimensions of the old field? Width of a Football Field: If the perimeter of a football field in the NFL including the end zones is ft and the field is yd long, then what is the width of the field in feet?

Fencing dog pens Clint is constructing two adjacent rectangular dog pens.

  1. Time breeding cows.
  2. Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. Matthew (Complete Vol. 1-2) & Expositions of Holy Scripture: Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers (Two Books With Active Table of Contents).
  3. The Cold Thermogenesis Protocol.
  4. The Last Stand?

Each pen will be three times as long as it is wide, and the pens will share a common long side. If Clint has 65 ft of fencing, what are the dimensions of each pen? C is 10 more then the square of the quotient of the sum of x and y , and the product of x and y. Which equation expresses this relationship?

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets

Scott is a homebuilder. He builds railings in which he places spindles.


Spindles ar evertical posts taht are equally spaced beneath a horizontal bar. Scott would like a mathematical model to help him determine the amount of space to put between each spindle. The railing must follow the following criteria: The spaces between each spindle must be equal except for the ones at either end.

Theses spaces are smaller.


They are half the width of a spindle less than the other spaces. The number of spindles needs to be minimized since spindles are costly. Help Scott determine what width of space to use between the spindles. Create a mathematical model to determine the width of space between each spindle in termso f the number of spindles. Explain your thinking. For safety reasons the maximum width of a space is 4". Generalize you model to determine the width of spaces for total railing of length L and spindle width s.

George the bulgarian goatherd drives his father's goats into a valley each morning and lets them browse there all day before driving them home in the evening. George has noticed that by the afternoon, even though the goats continue their regrouping the sizes of the groups have stabilised, and there is always seven feeding groups. How many goats are there in the herd? What are the sizes of the feeding groups once they have stabilised?

My son will be participating in the national math contest. He is a grade 4 student but will be writing the Fibonacci exam for grade 5. He has been given last years exam for practice.

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Parents have been ask to assist for this part. This with a would be greatly appreciated.

Latoya Simplified and got 1. Can you explaine how you got the answer please. The company wants to double the amount of crackers, but keep the shapes the same[similar] Find the new length[nearest tenth of an inch]. On the first day of practice, Paul did 3 sit ups. On the second day he did 5, and on the the third day he did 8, and on the fourth day he did If this pattern continued, how many sit-ups did ihe do on the sixth day of practice?