A Grande Transição da Terra: o sentido de urgência (Portuguese Edition)

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These studies were also summarized in the present work. Finally, the authors present the main features of the COSEQ Pilot-Project, developed to assess the viability of the Douro meta-anthracites for CO2 geological sequestration, and in so doing enhancing the value of this Coalfield in a modern day context, given that the Douro coals are currently a geological resource abandoned in terms of traditional mining.

Fabian E. Dumont and Jack A. Sacco, - The logistic equation of population growth adequately describes the cellular growth. Experiments carried out with the same algae at approximately 21oC, also in the absence of Cr VI , gave m values of 0. Higher pH results in a significantly lower growth rate and C. Looking simultaneously at m and K values, the best performance in terms of growth kinetics was obtained for S.

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The growth of C. The production of metabolites is small compared with biomass production, for all Cr VI concentrations. The biomass of M; Sani, A. P; Dinis, M. The results point to a general perception of security, despite reported robbery or panhandle. The study concludes by the importance of the strategic formulation of security plans based on community participation.

Rodrigues, Cristina F. A; Machado da S. J; Dinis, M. P; Lemos de S. Abstract: Compressibility factor CF is a key parameter in gas industry, regarding gas flow and storage in a gas reservoir. This study highlights the necessity to accurately estimate CF, affecting reservoir sorption capacity determination.

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Sorption isotherms showed no significant hysteresis regarding N2, due to gas inert behaviour. CH4 has a higher CF slope and the hysteresis behaviour is stronger than in N2. CO2 has no linear CF behaviour and besides relevant hysteresis, a distinct general trend between both curve shapes was identified, and the CO2 desorption curve intercepted the CO2 adsorption curve at 30x Pa.

This is due to CO2 retention on coal porous structure, thanks to the great affinity between CO2 and the organic microporous structure, to pressures up to 6.

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The gas mixture showed a significant hysteresis due to its composition. Caridade, S. M; Dinis, M. Por sua vez, ABSTRACT: Intimate violence and substance use are two of the most common problems faced by college students, reflecting an important public health issue. The present study aims to analyse and understand the relationship between dating violence and substance use in college students.

A total of college students In all the participants involved in relationships, Although the analysis of association between the experience of dating violence and substance use did not turn out to be statistically significant, levels of violence prevalence and somewhat alarming consumption were found, especially regarding the higher rate of substance use assumed by women. These data emphasize the need to continue to focus on the prevention of intimate abuse and substance use among college students, which are known to be harmful at different levels.

P; Sequeiros, Jorge. Abstract: This longitudinal study aimed at determining predicting variables for middle and long-term psychological disturbance due pre-symptomatic testing PST for two late-onset neurological diseases, Huntington disease HD and TTR transthyretin protein familial amyloid polyneuropathy FAP Val30Met now classified as Val50Met.

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For this purpose, regression analysis was performed, showing that the Positive Symptom Distress Index PSDI , psychoticism, somatization and paranoid ideation dimensions assume predictive value in the middle and long-term impact for total anxiety and PSDI. The result of PST was not a relevant predictor. The application of an evaluation instrument of various psychopathological dimensions played a fundamental role in the detection of clinical situations that may arise several years later after PST.

Attention should be paid to providing psychological support to persons at-risk who, at the pre-test phase, present some psychopathology indices before pursuing with genetic testing. Oliveira, Evailton A. A; Campos, Arlene M. S; Oliveira, Maria P. L; Guerreiro, M. Abstract: This research studies the carbonation phenomenon of cement due to the reaction of its components with water.

In this chemical reaction occurs the formation of calcium carbonate and the absorption of CO2 in the atmosphere, which contributes to the reduction of the Greenhouse Effect. However, carbonation also causes pathologies such as efflorescence, staining and corrosion of steel in concrete. This research shows the results of experiments with specimens of concrete permeable, made with cement and big aggregates calcareous stone in the ratio of 1: 4. The specimens were kept in contact with water containing different amounts of CO2 - distilled, ionized alkaline, carbonated, and tap water.

After the experiments were carried out, an increase in pH, a mean compressive strength of The results show that the permeable concrete did not present any pathologies resulting from the carbonation during the period of the research, which recommended the same for use in road pavements. Viterbo, Lilian M. F; Dinis, M. C; Navarro, Marcus V.

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T; Leite, Handerson J. The sample comprised a clinical group of subjects at genetic risk for FAP, HD and MJD, and a comparison group of 31 subjects at genetic risk for HH, that answered three open-ended questions relating illness representations, knowledge about the disease, and motivation to perform PST. These subjects at-risk correspond to the profile of somatic individual or personhood, wherein the unsubjectivation of the disease can function as a coping mechanism. Abstract: The role of the clinical psychologist in the context of genetic counseling includes support for the process of decision-making for subjects at-risk, regardless of the decision that was made.

For this, it is important to know the motivations behind these decisions. What may be considered advantageous and justifiable reasons to perform the PST for genetic diseases from the medical and public point of view, i. FAP is a progressive sensorimotor and autonomic neuropathy of adulthood. HD is characterized by a triad of clinical symptoms of chorea motor, cognitive and psychiatric symptoms , emotional distress and cognitive decline.

PDF A Grande Transição da Terra: o sentido de urgência (Portuguese Edition)

MJD is characterized by slowly progressive clumsiness in the arms and legs, a staggering lurching gait, sometimes mistaken for drunkenness, difficulty with speech and swallowing, involuntary eye movements, and may be accompanied by double vision or bulging eyes, and lower limb spasticity. HH is a disease in which too much iron accumulates in parenchymal organs, leading to iron overload and subsequent organ toxicity and failure. The study participants consisted in subjects at genetic risk for FAP, HD and MJD and 31 subjects at genetic risk for HH, that were assessed through an interview to obtain sociodemographic data and the answer to one question about motivation to perform PST T; Dinis, M.

C; Gomes, Ana I. It is important to understand its psychological impact so that the PST protocols are best suited to the subjects at-risk. Preventing a negative psychological impact is the ultimate purpose of the genetic counselling process. Although most of the sample does not present clinically significant psychopathology values, 6 subjects present a Positive Symptoms Distress Index value which is equal to or greater than 1.

Symptomatic carriers, who underwent the PST less time ago, present worse psychopathological symptoms, depression and anxiety. Subjects with this profile should have a more intense and personalized psychological and social support, aiming to prevent the risk of suicide and to improve the quality of their lives.

It seems that information on previous knowledge before performing the genetic counselling increases the subjective risk. References to the disease, references to the family, and metaphors were mentioned more often by subjects at risk for LOND than by subjects at risk for HH control group.

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Conclusion: The disease itself and its meaning as well as sick relatives play a key role in the objective knowledge about LOND. Thus, genetic counseling protocols of subjects at risk for LOND should include questions concerning family knowledge and disease experience. It was considered the cutoffs points: 4 years middle-term and 7 and 10 years long-term indicating the time after receiving the TPS results. Results: women and widows oldest presented the highest mean values for almost all BSI dimensions and the highest values correspond to the obsessivecompulsive dimension.

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MJD participants presented the highest mean values. No differences were found concerning the PST test results while participants are still asymptomatic. Psychopathology was only present in symptomatic carriers. HEIs under this paradigm are driven by conceptual frameworks of health promotion HP , and by interdisciplinary values such as inclusion, equity, social justice and sustainability. Bioethics, together with HPU and HP, presents itself as a reflexive, mutually shared and interdisciplinary tool that aims at the adequacy of actions that comprise life and citizenship, in its equitable and inclusive character, in the context of Higher Education.

Rodrigues, C. In the present work, the authors studied two meta-anthracite samples from Douro Coalfield NW of Portugal in which classical sorption isotherms were carried out, using CO2 only. Samples were submitted to different pressure steps during both adsorption and desorption processes. Since the gas release process it intensely related to diffusion coefficients, it is crucial to define their evolution on the two analyses reported in this paper.

So, during adsorption, diffusion coefficients decrease in sample A from 4. In sample B, diffusion coefficients decrease from 2. This topic addresses specific and significant knowledge to the Portuguese consultant population. Methods: This cross-sectional study included participants: Of the participants, 73 Results: The anxiety scores were higher for the symptomatic carriers and for those who underwent psychological support consultations over the years; for the formers, the mean scores were superior to 40 points, which reflects clinical anxiety.

All subjects at-risk were undergoing the process of genetic counseling to learn their genetic status carrier or non-carrier. Subjects were assessed through a semistructured single interview, in order to obtain sociodemographic data and the answer to an open-ended question relating to the illness representation issue: "What does this illness mean to you?

Family is their mirror and their source of learning and, therefore, it is inevitable that family is related to the meaning of the disease itself. It included subjects: Of these , 73 were still asymptomatic carriers, 29 Subjects were mainly women Scores were higher for symptomatic carriers and for those who have made one or more psychological support consultations over the years.

For the formers, the mean scores pointed to mild depression.